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Why should you choose us? OUR SCOPE OF SERVICES AND DELIVERY. Around Nigeria, Shipping: Storage, warehousing and materials handling, Packaging and unitisation, Inventory, Transport and Information and control. 24h a day Courier delivery. A fast and responsive, reliable service that gets your item, products to your customer at a time convenient for them. New service. B2B Exchange. Business-to-business (B2B), is a form of transaction, such as one involving a manufacturer to wholesaler, retailer. refers to a business that is conducted between companies, to deliver services to a company or individual consumer. 7 days a week. Logistics, send courier packages regularly, then joewendy logistics is the best option for you. To find out more about us, simply fill in our online form and our Business Manager will contact you to discuss your needs further. 24 hours of support. If you would like to contact a Business Manager or receive a personalized courier proposal, please contact us. Worldwide. Buy courier tickets, envelopes, and boxes. Pick up your Card to Call item. Lodge items for delivery. for more details contact us. services coming soon. Direct client contact, Contact our Customer Care Team 08033079791 (08032253833).
Logistics Services | Joewendy Logistics International Services Limited
Logistics Services | Joewendy Logistics International Services Limited
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Joewendy Logistics International Services Limited

Joewendy logistics international services limited, Gbagada Lagos NG, Gbagada town 100234, Lagos, Nigeria

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H95R+8H Lagos, Nigeria

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Joewendy Logistics International Services Limited


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